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I'm pissed

My old complex is charging me $789.33 for carpet replacement. After my deposit it's $378. I am soo pissed off. They were nothing but fuckers to me the whole time. I think I need a lawyer.

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I need help...

So I'm breaking down and can't handle it anymore. My back is killing me and I'm exhausted. I know I hit the bottom when I dropped everything and just started crying. Is there anyone willing to help pack the rest of my crap and move it? I feel like there is still so much to do. I also have 3 big items that need to go away. Goodwill, garbage, I don't care. One of them I cant break it down myself.

The cost of the movers tapped me out, so can't ask them to come back. I can pay you a little, barter, what ever. I feel desperate. I'm bartering someone to come and clean next week, so that's taken care of.

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Jan. 30th, 2009

Still sick and canceled more clients today. I want to go Zombie bowling tonight!!! Damn you sickness. I am also working tomorrow morning. I tend to do ok in the mornings and when afternoon hits, I feel like the truck hit me.
The Wizard of Oz at the Children's Theater was a lot better than I had anticipated. Most of the kids got scared by the witch and her dramatic smokey entrances. It was cute to hear kids yell out, I'm not scared of you! If you like that movie, you should go and see it. Their gift shop was closed by it said they were trying to eradicate the zombies so all zombie stuff was on sale. I really wanted to check out what they had. We also got to see the train inside the center house. I can't believe I have not been to Seattle Center during the holidays. It's soo pretty there. I think I will have to take the little girl ice skating at some point before we leave.

Tonight, I am seeing Repo with some friends at 7:30 if you care to tag along. Then I must return home to finish getting stuff together for the flea market tomorrow. I still need a smallish table, so might have to stop by the store on the way home.

More marketing

I got invited to do another marketing event with chiropractor man. This time it's at the Fremont Sunday Market. Come down and say hi. Get a free spinal assessment and chair massage. Why yes I always accept tips! I started getting adjustments regularly now and it is really helping me out. I started fucking up my body with my crazy ass busy and long days at work. I'm not used to working 10+ hours a day.

There goes my weekend. I went from having 1-2 days off to none. Such the life of a soon to be solely self employed.

Pooey I say

Triple birthday!

We have come to a decision about the triple birthday celebration! I actually made it out on a weeknight to meet up with chuckiebear and seedmoon I even got a preview of Sake. :)

Friday April 11th: Brouwer's at 7pm
Patrick won't make it there till probably 8ish, but Chuckie and I will be there
to get things started.
While at Brouwer's we will decide where we want to go next. Garage, Merc. Let
one of us know if you need transportation.
Sunday April 13th: Dragonfish at 4pm for birthday happy hour goodness. Kaia will be with me for
this one.
Monday April 14th: Olympus Spa around 10am. Ahhhh!!!

So come join us for some festivities!

Oh and I will be at Sake tonight! But that is not a birthday celebration.


Apr. 2nd, 2008

Poll #1164761 Birthday location

Where should we hold the triple birthday celebration?

My apartment



Can't believe it's April. That means it's time for the Aries birthdays. seedmoon and I have birthdays coming up. We are thinking about having a gathering at Feierabend on Friday April 11th. chuckiebear did you want in on this to? Your birthday is a week before mine. Patrick can't get there till around 8:30ish and I assume that we have to get there pretty early to grab a table. I will plan to get there earlier to do that. What time is good to go? There is always the possibility of doing something afterwards as well. I don't care what we do, but good food and beer is always a good thing.

I am also thinking of possibly going to Dragon Fish for happy hour (4-6pm) on Sun the 13th for my actual birthday. That way Kaia can come to!

I need to find out about Olympus Spa and if they still have their free admission on your birthday. Even if they don't, I want to go to the Lynnwood one on Monday the 14th. It will be morning while Kaia is in daycare. Plus, I have a massage scheduled that night. Yay for trades. You are welcome to join me that day as well. That is only if you can pass as a female. I do want to go to Banya 5 soon. Then the boys can join in! :)

So who is going to show up?


I must gloat

My mom gave me a beautiful dragon necklace pendent for Christmas! It even have an amber and a green amber stone on the wings. How perfect is that? Ya know considering my business name. :)